Moby.Check is…

…the preferred software product for mobile operations management and maintenance for B2B customers in industries with demanding regulatory and documentation requirements

Moby.Check closes
the digital gap in the company

Hundreds of thousands of checks and paper checklists are digitized and no more data is manually transferred to other systems. The digital mobile worker is the focus and receives suitable work aids. They design their digitalisation of processes and decide how to optimally map their world in Moby.Check and fully exploit the potentials of standardisation, decentralised freedom and data analyses.


guides and accompanies him safely through complex processes

provides him with all relevant data mobile on site

connects him online with colleagues, specialists, and control rooms

… on mobile terminals with chat, photo/video/bar/QR code/OCR usage, voice control, digital signatures, and 4-eye checks..

Moby.Check use cases

Avoid product mix-up in production

Plant maintenance with several assemblies heating and ventilation technology, filling machinery etc. with multiple checklists for motors, pumps, valves, flanges, sensors, etc.

Correct hose at correct connection for product transfer from container

Safety tour Document defect online and directly create work order for rectification

Correct cable at the right connection block for repair of a plant control system

Company-wide standard processes used in local processes

Moby.Check functions at a glance

possible uses

Graphical template designer – no code construction kit for digital processes, generate, edit, monitor and audit-proof archive checklists Live Cycle, use of variables, formulas, and branches  

optimal operation

Mobile working on- and offline with keyboard, voice input and output, barcode and QR code, OCR, digital signature, photos and videos, online- and on-site 4-eyes controls, online help (text, graphics, video) Chat and camera functions


Authorization and release control, change/version management, parallel process processing by several users, multilingualism, use of library and standard modules


Triggering of checklists and reporting of mobile work results from/to ERP systems, mobile online interfaces to laboratory (LIMS), plant control (OsiPi), production and logistics (ERP/SAP/SILOC) and engineering systems (COMOS)

May we introduce? Our modules:

Basic module
Template and checklist creation with template designer, control station and APP for mobile processes with basic interfaces, archiving, authorization, and master data management

Maintenance planner with scheduling for mobile maintenance and servicing with integration into ERP/SAP systems and service partners

Safety tour and monitoring system for work, object, environment and process safety

Dead man’s alarm
Monitoring of persons working alone with alarm and GPS location

Laboratory / test workshop
Transmission and documentation of process-relevant releases from laboratory/workshop tests

Data import
Generic data import for digital processes, maintenance & repair

Cockpit / Dashboard
Toolbox for the individual design of process cockpit and data analysis


  • Maintenance & Update Service
    Timely elimination of malfunctions and errors
    Automatic upgrades of new software releases
  • Roll Out Service
    Installation Support
    Key user training
    Customizing and interface setup
    Initial master data transfer
  • Consulting
    Optimal use of Moby.Check to digitalize your processes
    Creation of templates for your special use cases
    Import of existing checklists and test instructions (Word, Excel, PDF)

Support (for registered customers)

Worldwide service & support via our sales partner Siemens AG

  • Moby.Check Service Portal
    for feedback, suggestions for improvement and error messages
    Online help (how to …)
  • Second / Third Level Support
    Support of your user help desk with special questions


Interfaces to superordinate IT systems

  • ERP systems (e.g. SAP)
  • PCT systems (e.g. for controlling pumps, valves, etc.)
  • Laboratory systems (e.g. LIMS)
  • Logistics and warehouse management systems (e.g. SILOC)
  • Plant Engineering System COMOS
  • Transport systems (e.g. slot booking or transport management systems)
  • Customized interfaces via REST API 

Application possibilities

  • Production, packaging/filling, logistics (goods receipt, storage, shipping)
  • Maintenance, servicing and repair of buildings, plants and mobile technology and equipment
  • Walk-throughs and inspections (work, plant and process safety
  • Supplier audits and controls (material, compliance, processes, safety, etc.)

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