Change history for traceability and auditability

Moby.Check documents not only every change of a template with date and executing user, but also every input change during a process or checklist editing. The changes documented online during processing can be used as proof and for documentation purposes, but cannot be changed or deleted. This ensures that every change is fully documented.

Example: A user enters a read laboratory value (e.g. 0.37) into a checklist. He realizes that he has read the value incorrectly and subsequently changes the value (e.g. to 0.39). The last value entered (0.39) is then saved in the check list and used again. In parallel, the original input value (0.37) with time stamp and user as well as the new input value (0.39) with time stamp and user are documented in a revision-proof manner in a change history that cannot be changed.

Together with the automatic version management and the three-stage release procedure for templates, Moby.Check also meets the strict requirements of the pharmaceutical and food industries.

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